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Ai Takahashi (Ai) is a well-known and long-standing member of the forums. Being the forerunner of the phenomenon later known as The Ryona, Ai enjoyed the confusion he once caused.

Join Date and Immediate ReactionsEdit


Ai's legendary "spam"

Ai joined the forums on January 27th, 2004 and immediately became a first-string poster. In a few short months, his post count soared to one of the highest on the forum. His record for fastest post count by a newbie remains unbroken, and was only once challenged by KROW, albeit on the backup forum.

Ai's choice of screen name, along with his girly avatars, netted him quite a bit of attention in his first month on the forums. Accosted by none other than Reznorite420 on several occasions, Ai soon found it necessary to point out he was a male whenever he had the chance.

Sometimes accused for being a spammer, Ai fought back using the argument that his posts were rarely off-topic, and rarely consisted of one-line replies. Although he did once fill the entire page of General Discussion with replies by himself alone.

Moderator Status Edit

Ai caused a great deal of controversy less than a year into his stay on The Drome. Following a rush of trolls and spammers, Ai was voted in as a moderator when the need for a new group became apparent. Despite his obvious lack of a life outside of the forums, having spent that year sitting on the Drome for 20 hours a day with Peanut, many thought Ai wasn't a worthy candidate, and more importantly, the "One Year Rule" would have to be broken to allow it. Despite all of this, Ai was sworn in and is still a mod to this day.


The FAKE Ai Takahashi

Further Exploits Edit

Excuse me wtf r u doin dinosaur

Oh, dinosaur. You've been around!

As a long-standing member of the forums, Ai has been involved in quite a few events in Drome history. Aside from winning several Dromies since it's inception, he's also co-founder of the PA Tech, one of the more infamous groups in Drome history. Ai has also had a great deal of success with his own thread "Ai's Official Tech Support Thread" where he answers questions and queries from his fellow forum goers on everything from hard drives to hard-on's. He's also the forerunner of one of the better meme pictures in Drome history: The "excuse me wtf r u doin?" dinosaur. He's also the originator of the VG Section meme Got Em'. Aside from these escapades, Ai is also creator of the official /Technodrome thread, wherein he concluded that his huge wang put an end to the forums all-together. Nobody knows if he was drunk, or just bored, but good times were had by all.

Rivalries Edit

As a rather out-spoken individual, Ai has gotten into a fair few fights in his career, his biggest of which is arguable. Over his tenure on the Drome, Ai has had a rather on-again off-again relationship with come-and-goer Kid Icarus. Over the course of this "relationship" Ai has caused Kid Icarus to leave the forums for months (and years) at a time on no less than three separate occasions. Although Ai holds no real grudges, he still takes pride in this accomplishment.

His second rivalry went on for much longer, and involved his "Record Posts" rival, KROW. The two would often compete against each other in any number of ways, several of which led to large fights that ended in KROW's departure. As the majority of this fighting took place at the Backup Forums, it was mostly forgotten over time, and the rivalry is all but non-existent at this point.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike other Japan-obsessed Drome members, Ai is actually making a worthy attempt at learning the language. This will make him seem less like a baka gaijin when he finally visits Nippon.
  • Managed to get a girlfriend. An Asian one no less.
  • Knows, owns and has seen every porn ever made.
  • Has the biggest image archive on the forums, and has won consecutive awards boasting such a feat.
  • Knows every J-Pop group ever.
  • Was the first to change his nickname to the Japanese spelling of Ai Takahashi, using Japanese kanji.
  • Although Ryona popularized the phenomenon later bearing her name, Ai registered a good half year before she did.
  • Joined at Voltron's behest, without actually being a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles .