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Anarky is one of the most influential members in Drome history. With a natural ability for leadership, Anarky stepped up and gave everyone a place to stay when the Drome was down.

Join Date and Immediate Reaction Edit

Yet another high-tier member who joined during 2003, Anarky made an immediate impact with his opinionated mindset and amusing stories from his former place of employment. While at first a slightly overwhelming personality, Anarky caught on in the community and became one of the more popular members.

Das ist Gud Edit

When the Drome closed down, Anarky was the first of a few to step up and offer a place for everyone to congregate. Sick of in-fighting and flame wars, he employed a new mod force, and a few stricter rules. While everyone longed for a return to the Drome, the Backup forums were a comfortable enough place, and several new members even sprung up during its tenure. While many felt fine to joke that Anarky was a "Benevolent-ish Dictator" the truth of the matter was he kept everything in line, and may be single-handedly responsible for saving the community.

A Spot of Trouble Edit

Anarky would become infamous for being extremely cold at several points in his posting career. For a period of time, he had a tendency to make light of things that many people found unfunny. While this trend may have been tied closely to happenings in his personal life, Anarky became unpopular for a time, with many people forgetting the fact that he had given the community shelter, and some even claiming the act wasn't worthy of praise.

Anarky in the EU Edit

Like virtually everyone else on the Drome, Anarky’s exploits in the real world have often come up in conversation. He is notable for wreaking havoc on the quiet alpine towns and maybe three cities of Switzerland where he would attempt to cause the downfall of local law enforcement through anarchist actions (which actually means he threw a brick at a cop once and ran off and hid) He has also waged brutal street wars with many a Neo-Nazi gang, but details are sketchy on this, possibly because he had his ass handed to him. Anarky’s repeated unemployment and substance abuse have also been mentioned before, much to the amusement of everyone who has ever come in contact with him.

Trivia Edit

  • Anarky is a bona fide grammar Nazi, despite the fact that he could barely speak or type coherent sentences in English when he first joined the Drome.
  • Like the Gestapo of the Third Reich, Anarky maintains secret files on various Drome members, notably Guitar Raph and Ryona.
  • He has more in common with Nazis than he thinks.
  • Anarky has possibly slept with more women than any other male on the Drome, but since almost all of the Drome’s male population have slept with either 0 or 1 this isn’t much of an accomplishment.
  • He hates Poland and Alaska
  • He has a fixation on Kurt Russell and owns several original Flucht Aus L.A. posters.
  • He once caused someone halfway across the world to shit his pants with the power of his mind.