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AngelQueenOfChaos is either the queen of chaos and named Angel, or the Angel Queen of Chaos. Both aren't a particularly sought-after titles, but the woman calling herself Angelique Black - very probably a pseudonym - wears it with pride.

AngelQueenOfChaos gained international notoriety by getting honoured with her own Encyclopedia Dramatica page.

Utter Insignificance and Rise to Fame Edit

Being a relatively new and rather generic member, nobody paid much attention to AngelQueenOfChaos. However, in the great Wiki-thread, she revealed that she has had an Encyclopedia Dramatica page, an article in which she got defamed by 4Chan and other militant opposition of the furry fandom.This made her an instant favourite of the Wiki-Editors. Thus her strategy by claiming to be crazy and thus revealing herself to be a fairly normal and boring person did not work out.

zomg lol im txtn Edit

Her first bit of attention she received stemmed from her suddenly appearing in the Wiki-Thread typing as if she was writing text messages. Especially the word "wot" amazed onlookers and members alike.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Edit

Being an artist in a highly despised fandom/fetish, AngelQueenOfChaos found herself on Encyclopedia Dramatica at one point. On that page, she was called a "Whore," a title which she now obviously prides herself with on Furaffinity and reportedly, her last ex-boyfriend at the time turned into Jesus. Being very offended and deeply insulted, she managed to somehow make the page disappear, but it can still be seen on internet archives.

Sexual Confusion Edit

In addition to claiming to be "goth," she also watches porn and prides herself on that fact. She is attracted to sex between two homosexual men. While this might be considered fairly bizarre and unusual, AngelQueenOfChaos is actually quite tame compared to other Dromers as she has not yet claimed to have had sex with a turtle or attempted to hump her unsuspecting pet. She also doesn't appear to suffer from too hard a case of delusion. Thus, she doesn't even register on the nutjob scale.

AngelQueenOfChaos is also a gay rights activist. However, on her DeviantArt profile, she claims a wide variety of sexual preferences. Among other things, she mentions to be:

  • Straight
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual

Again, this is not particularly weird, seeing as we have had people openly admitting to fantasizing about sodomy before.

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Furry Edit

AngelQueenOfChaos is a moderately artistically skilled person but decided to use all her talent on drawing furry Mary Sues from hell. However, her talent could be put to much use, possibly even making her money, should she ever decide to abandon drawing art for a fetishist minority.

She is an active member of many furry-themed sites, most prominently holding the rank of an "Art Whore" on Furaffinity, a popular community for the more or less sexual depiction of furry characters.

Fan Characters Edit

Being an active part of the fandom, AngelQueenOfChaos has written up quite a few fanmade characters. Most of these shine by being horribly overdone in terms of characteristics and being overly grimdark to go with it. She has created Dragon/Human/Demon/Turtle hybrids as well as sex-changing turtles, among others.

She's actively working on a comic book called "MNT Kami Clan" and doesn't shy away from making anthropomorphic versions of your favourite childhood character, obviously forgetting the omnipresent and omni-forgotten internet creed "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."