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Ava Collier joined on 04-03-07. Even though she hasn't been around for long, and is no longer around anymore, she would eventually play a part in the Drome, even though she took more credit than she deserved.

Immediate Reaction Edit

Even though "sexy turtle" pictures and artists have been around for a while, they became more apparent when Ava joined. More and more artists were free to express their love of drawing pictures of the TMNT as cute and cuddly, and worse, as lovers. She was also a big RPG player, and would role play even in threads where it didn't belong. This caused a huge rift in the Drome, between her and the artists and everyone else who was against that.

Peanut's Departure Edit

In the middle of the heated debates, Peanut decided he has had enough and made a thread about how he was leaving the Drome for good. He was an active member of the "anti-TMNT porn" so to speak, so when he left, Ava took it upon herself to take credit for, even though that wasn't the reason for his departure at all. After Peanut caught wind of how much she was gloating, he decided to come back to confront her.

Inactivity and other endeavors Edit

After a while, she just mysteriously stopped posting, along with her friend Sunshine. No one really knows why.