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Benvenuto, or Ben for short, was among many to join the member rush of 2003. He was well known for staying in the character of his persona, the 5th Ninja Turtle, a practice which he has since dispensed with.

Join Date and Immediate Reaction Edit

Benvenuto joined in late February of 2003, and was immediately known as "that kid who thinks he's a turtle". Although his dedication to playing the role was odd, many found him to be a friendly member, and he became quite popular in a short amount of time.

The 5th Turtle Edit

In his earlier days, Benvenuto would stick to his character persona quite often, Benvenuto the 5th Turtle, a Ninja Turtle with a white bandanna. Over time, he eventually grew out of this phase, and began to let people know more about him as a person. This change, unsurprisingly, made Ben an even more popular Drome member, and he hasn't reverted back to being the 5th Turtle since, although he still uses much of his iconic 5th Turtle imagery for his avatar and signature.