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Among the most sarcastic assholes on the Drome, Brodie has made a name for himself by saying whatever the hell he feels like, whenever, wherever.

Join Date and Immediate Reaction Edit

Like most members who joined in the down-time of 2002, Brodie didn't really have anyone to have a reaction to him. He would later carve his place in Drome history by putting out some of the snazziest art the forums had ever seen, despite it not all consisting of Ninja Turtles. Couple that with the fact that he's as cold an asshole the Drome has ever seen, and you've got one of the more memorable members.

Most people see Brodie as a mix between Brodie from Mallrats, and the Green Ranger, owing to the fact that his avatar almost always contained one of them for many many years.

Is He Serious? Edit

A common question asked by people during Brodie's first years on the Drome was "Is he serious?", a question echoed by everyone, including his close friends, to this very day. A master of undetectable sarcasm, Brodie has rarely made a post that wasn't insinuating someones stupidity, or else fooling someone into thinking he cares about the subject at hand. Because of this uncanny skill, Brodie rarely, if ever, gets involved in fights, because no one can ever tell if he's serious or not.

The only place you can find Brodie not being a sarcastic asshole is in the DVD purchases thread, a business he takes extremely seriously. Although from time to time, he can't even resist doing it there. Said uber-popular thread is also his own creation.

Talented, but Not Enough TMNT Edit

Brodie is often thought of to be one of the most unappreciated artistic talents on the Drome. It has been speculated that he doesn't get as much attention because he rarely draws Ninja Turtles. While the latest drawing of chibi Raphael petting a dog may draw a thousand views and twenty comments, his latest collage of video game characters punching each other in the nuts will garner zero attention. Yet, he still refuses to draw more Ninja Turtles.

PA Tech Edit

Brodie is one of three original members of the PA Tech, and may be the most loyal, having kept his PA Tech signature far longer than any other member. He also happens to be the brains behind one of the best PA Tech pranks in history, having once tricked Naruto into thinking he had committed suicide, and because of Naruto himself to top things off. He has also formed a quasi-symbiotic relationship with Stryker that is almost entirely based on late night conversations that don't make much sense.

Trivia Edit

  • Loves professional actor and ladies man Terrence Howard.
  • Favorite Rob Thomas song is "Smooth".
  • Enjoys the way Thor sounds when he speaks.
  • Can't wear skinny jeans because his "knots" don't fit.