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FANatical, Episode 20

Buslady drives a bus for a living. She has a bus. And drives it. In addition to that, she lives together with Raphael and he frequently edits her posts in fancy red font. She is among the very few users (two, actually) who took offense at the Booty Sigs Meme.

Buslady was born on October 16, 1971 and lives in California. Despite looking not much like it on certain pictures, causing a light case of Ryona, Buslady is confirmed to be female.

Driving a Bus Edit

Buslady has made every boy's dream reality and drives a school bus. It is a big and yellow bus. The patron saint of the bus is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle known as Raphael. However, because all the seats are needed for children, she has a plushie of him in her bus, making it the most awesome school bus in all of Southern California. She got a new bus in 2007, which she picked up in Arkansas and took it on its 2000 mile maiden voyage through the United States.

Her bus is decorated with many memorabilia of Raphael, namely stickers and the patron saint plushie. Apparently, kids loved it at the time of the 2003 cartoon. The current popularity of her memorabilia and her undoubtedly delightfully folksy tales of Raphael is unknown.

Her job makes Buslady awesome as her bus is huge and awesome.

Family Edit

Buslady is presumably married and a confirmed mother of at least one son. Her son used to and probably still does browse the Drome with his mother. Buslady is very protective of her son and wishes him to be kept away from every and any harmful influence.

It is unknown if her family is aware of a giant, green, heavily armed ninja Turtle responding to Raphael living in their house.

Pet Turtle Expert Edit

Buslady is the Drome's local pet turtle expert. She knows everything there is to know as long as it has four legs a shell and is generally not interested in humans. Despite this mostly unrequited love, Buslady loves her pets to death and keeps taking in strays as well as abandoned turtles. More than once, her turtles have laid eggs and gotten babies as a result. The acquisition of a new turtle or the birth of new hatchlings is usually a reason for celebration and is honoured with a new thread.

Drama Edit

Due to her son apparently being offended at the sight of drawn buttocks on August, 21st, 2005 - a fact many people still doubt to this very day - she decided to go on the barricades and start a crusade against the Booty Sigs.

Her post:

I don't want to be a big pain but there's some who have quite offenseive banners.
I was showing my 10 year old son the thread where alot of us were doing quick little drawings. I go to the thread finding banners showing female parts, sure they were covered, one or two back ends weren' kid didn't need to see these banners. I think some need to be reminded, children see these forums. I never expected to see images focusing on female anatomy. I know there are those who must enjoy this kind of art but there are some who don't. Don't stick it on our face. The forums is TMNT, not nudity. I believe one of the rules is not to use offensive images.

As expected, buttocks were not considered to be offensive by anyone living past the 1950s. The thread was a reasonably normal debate at first, citing the PG-13 rating and that a ten year-old technically has no claims to rights on a board like that. In addition to all that the TMNT-franchise itself has many more adult themes, which Buslady herself deems perfectly safe for her son. It is also surprising to note that some of the most conservative members of the Drome did not speak up, either. The debate quickly derailed into the exact nature of PG-13 and the degrees of nudity shown in Walt Disney movies. Ultimately Krang stepped in and resolved the matter by saying that he had the situation under control and the Booty Sigs could stay as they were neither illegal nor obscene.

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Buslady on Television Edit

Buslady was one of the featured fans on the Canadian documentary series "FANatical" which features the most extreme cases of Fandom. In the episode aired on May 1st, 2007, she co-starred along with IveyAngelo, the latter getting considerably more screentime due to her insanely large collection and outrageously TMNT-related lifestyle. She seemed rather sane and sound in the footage, but this is barely any achievement at all when you are paired with IveyAngelo.