Cowabunga14 is really a member of no particular merit, yet a common player in forum games and occasional contributor of  TMNT art that isn’t targeted at rabid fan girls, he has somehow racked up a large number of posts since joining on August 22, 2004.

Abstract Expressionist Edit

The artistic style of Cowabunga14 is one of rare genius.

Shoop Hatchlings by reivax

NRA Forever Edit

Cowabunga14 is a card carrying member of the The Republican Party’s most treasured organization, the National Rifle Association. He celebrates this fact quite openly with a NRA related avatar and a signature featuring a quote from Charlton Heston, the former head of the NRA and now a rotting husk. Cowabunga14 might be the most heavily armed member of the Drome, rivaling That Matt Guy and possibly Type 97 “our country right or wrong” Chi-Ha, but since the only firearms he owns are ones that would have been carried by an Old West Sheriff it makes him seem anything but dangerous.