Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom, representing the TMNT in a very honourable way.





Dr. Doom is the most villainous member of the Technodrome. His alternate personality - Doctor Doom - comes through in the form of Doom Posts in which he mainly blames Richards. He is the other half of the infamous "Hannah x Dr. Doom"-pairing. He is singlehandedly responsible for two forum memes.

Dr. Doom lives in Illinois.

Doom Posts Edit

Dr. Doom is the inventor and sole user of the Doom Posts. In these posts, he is usually outraged and tells the readers in large, green font how Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four is an awful being and how a certain matter of discussion does not please him. Subjects that trigger Doom Posts vary greatly and everything could set him off at any time.

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Daymn Edit

After reading Ultimate Spider-Man at the behest of Anarky, he discovered a panel showing a character of the book exclaiming "Oooogghhh, ddaayyymmnnn!" He quickly cropped the image out of the page and began posting it online. Due to its outrageousness and general hilarity it quickly became a favourite among the users of the General Discussion forums.

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The Spoony Bards Edit

Dr. Doom plays the bass guitar in a band that successfully plays music. It is successful at getting bookings at various anime conventions which has gathered the band - named the Spoony Bards - a small but loyal following. It has been established in scientific clinical trials that the music of the Spoony Bards has no effect on people not aware of the video games, such as Anarky. The epicness of the Epic Theme still escapes these subjects.

The Spoony Bards, with their relative success, have attracted at least one crazy fangirl. Due to the complete lack of security, the young woman has managed to walk up on stage time and time again and eventually thought herself to be a part of a band. The current whereabouts of this crazy fangirl are unknown but she's presumed to rot in some Latverian prison.

Gambit Edit

Dr. Doom, despite being a big villain, has a fondness for the X-Man Gambit. Despite the character generally being assumed to be outdated and thus boring, he still clings to the belief that the character is awesome and would fare well in his own ongoing series. However, Dr. Doom has admitted to thinking that the character should get a power upgrade, trading his throwing cards with chihuahuas. This attack, dubbed "le chihuahua explosif" would probably make every animal rights activist angry, but would keep Paris Hilton from getting more dogs.

Hannah Edit

Soon after joining, Hannah and Dr. Doom became friends. For years, the community has been joking that the two should just get it on, earning Dr. Doom a lot of scorn and the reputation of being a pedophile. However, those rumours were quickly dispersed.

Over the years, the friendship between Hannah and Dr. Doom evolved into love and they're currently engaged in a relationship as of October 2009.

Trivia Edit

  • Is not a certified doctor of any kind
  • Suffers from arachnophobia.
  • Speaks some French.
  • Would spend a night with Dr. Who.
  • Born on Christmas Eve.