Etsyturtle2 (also known as "The Nightmare Child") was a notorious member of the Drome who joined on 20 September 2015. His reign on terror ended when the banhammer dropped on 2 August 2016, about 11 months too late. Etsy was a member of the Unholy Trinity alongside Mew and Goku.

A Brief Overview Edit

Etsy was often a co-conspirator with Mew, and the two managed to turn the Drome into their own personal playground for what seemed like an eternity. Etsy claimed to be born on October 25, 1915[1], making him 101. That bastard. In reality, he was 13 or 14, yet this is debated because the cobknobbler managed to act like a 7 year old laced on cocaine and Pixie-Stix without fail every time. Compare this to snake, who was immediately accepted into the forums at the young age of 11 just for the sole fact that he didn't annoy the fuck out of everyone. Etsy did so much stupid shit that to even begin making a cohesive list of all the BS he pulled would be a year-long project.

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