Hannah, ca. 2009



Notable Aliases



Dr. Doom

Hannah joined on 12-10-03. She has used multiple names throughout the years, most famous are her either being Hannah or Kenai. Born on July 21st 1992, she was exactly 11 years and 85 days old, making her the youngest old member the Drome has. After initial scepticism about her age, she quickly proved to be wise beyond her years and quickly became the inofficial small sister of everyone of the old guard. Hannah's claims to fame mainly revolve around her relationships with Drome members. She is one of the Drome's most adorable members.

Relationships Edit

Hannah has had multiple relationships throughout her history on the Drome, two of which are Drome members. The first relationship she has with a long-gone member named Shadow whose nickname ultimately named Hannah's dog.

However, the most infamous of these relationships is the amazing pairing "Hannah x Dr. Doom." While this ended up by him being called a pedophile more than once, mostly by Ai Takahashi, everyone basically was cool with that and these days, both Hannah's and Dr. Doom's facebook-statuses indicate that they are indeed in a relationship.

Pictures Edit

Hannah quite probably holds the record for most pictures posted in "The New Picture Thread." Although both Jester and Grunger Kittie have more posts than Hannah does, Hannah is and will forever be remembered as the #1 picture-poster. She has been known to post pictures of herself with various hair colors.