Iron Man




Ultimate Superhero (self-titled)

The member currently known as Iron Man has joined the Drome on August 23rd, 2004. He has been known by a variety of nicknames through the years, but has stuck with Iron Man the longest for now. He is an avid collector of action figures and likes to roleplay.

Identity Crisis Edit

Over the course of his membership, Iron Man has had a variety of different names. He initially signed up as Turtle_in_the_Shell but changed his nick after being called "Tits" at least once. As he was playing Halo at the time, he settled for Master Chief for the time being until he resicovered his love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the year 2007. Now being known as Leonardo07, he showed off his pride in both the character and the year. In October 2007, however, he discovered that John Cleese is actually way more awesome than being called Leonardo on a board where every third member is called that name in some form or another and he changed his name to Thundercleese. But having an epic nickname was not good enough for him and he soon changed his nickname to the also quite epic nickname Batman, which is pretty awesome but lost on accounts of lack of creativity and distilled awesomeness. He finally settled for the name Iron Man on March 31st, 2008 and has stuck with it forever since.

Budding Romance? Edit

Iron Man is one of the three members of the Drome who actually bother with the RPG section anymore. He claims to have a special interest and all sorts of other nice sentiments, including friendship and respect towards Jade Green, hinting at a possible amourous relationship between the two or unrequited feelings on his part. These warm sentiments extend to the point where he claims he likes Jade Green's Fifth Turtle the best of all the fanmade characters on the Drome.

He also seems to have a fondness for Hannah, first opening up about these feelings on The Drome Wiki, editing her article and calling her "adorable." Whether or not this will be received well by Jade Green is unknown at this point. There has been at least one instance of Iron Man trying to approach Hannah in the past by comparing her to Hannah Montana, but his efforts were thwarted by being compared to Ralph Wiggum by Stryker.

RPG Section Edit

Being a roleplayer, playing as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can only be interesting for so long and so Iron Man has created a variety of fan characters, currently holding the record for most fan-created characters on the Drome and actively using them. There have been others such as Fang Wolf, who might have come up with more characters, but they never got around to using them.

Most prominently among his creations is the Fifth Turtle Grace, who naturally is an ally and a best friend to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In some threads, Grace lives with the TMNT, falling victim to one of the oldest concerns in the RPG-section and veering on the abyss of becoming a shoehorned-in character. However, nobody has heard any complaints about Grace being annoying in any way, Iron Man seems to have his rabid fandom in check enough to not overdo it, which is a rare quality among role-players on the Drome.

"If you wanna hang with us, don't cuss!" and Mini-Drama Edit

Not liking people swearing and crude humour, the internet just might not be be the ideal environment for Iron Man. He feels very passionate about both and has been known to voice his objections against the word "Fuck" and the kind of humour portrayed on popular TV-shows like MTV's Jackass and its subsequent spin-offs and clones. However, this being the internet, Iron Man has been shut up and now has decided that he won't take part in any topic that he deems too controversial for his tastes, thus risking to blend in with the grey mass of Technodrome members that do not stand out in any way or form.

He has given up on his quest to conform others to a more select taste in movies and language, even going as far as opening a thread on and declaring his undying love for his former nemesis, Peanut.

Action Figure Movies Edit

Iron Man collects action figures and thus knows that they are not just dolls with a different name. He owns a lot of the things, which is, by large, unimpressive. However, he has been known to direct his own movies starring his action figures and publishing them on Youtube. As of October 2009, he has created a whopping 62 episodes of a Batman Action figure series, the latest of which sees Batman facing off against Baxter Stockman from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe who may or may not have been cast in a different role but has gotten a new body.

Iron Man writes, directs and shoots every single one of his movies and is the sole voice actor of his characters.

There have been plans on making an action figure movie in a Drome-setting but they have been abandoned.