Jo Dawn
Jo Dawn, ca. 2004


27 July 2003

Notable Aliases



Inactive Moderator

Adored by many, loved by even more, Jo Dawn joined the Technodrome community on 27 July 2003. Although she is no longer active on the forums, she left a lasting impression by being the spitting image of April O'Neil as portrayed in the 2003 cartoon.

Rise to Fame Edit

Jo Dawn, also known as Jo or JD, quickly became popular after she joined. This is quite possibly due to her being a very pleasant, levelheaded and nice person. Either that, or witchcraft. Even though very littel to nothing is known about her real life, she had the entire male population of the Drome adoring her and a good portion of the females as well. She was also promoted to be a Global Moderator at some point, which was met with nothing but congratulations.

She remains amazingly famous and amazingly redheaded.

Trivia Edit

  • Has a flower tattoo on her foot.
  • Has one or more bunnies.
  • Has been to Hogwarts. Seriously.