Josh Salazar (fanmade character)
Josh Salazar, art by Guitar Raph


Ex-Cel Teen
Ex-Cel Dude (upon turning 21)




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Mallory Banks


Hector (dad) & Juanita (mom)

Josh Salazar is a fan character, made up by Guitar Raph. Josh Salazar's a musician and superhero, mostly a musician though, because there are no physical fights on Nickelodeon's "Drake and Josh" either. Being the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'/Mikey's best friend, he lives in New York City. Recently, he, Mallory & Mikey moved to Santa Barbara, California, where they live in Grayson Manor (ala Batman).

Appearance Edit

Josh Salazar is of Latino ancestry and has tanned skin. Despite his ancestry, he has blue eyes. He prefers briefs over boxers. He's also a fan of Speedos (Josh was on a swim team).. When wearing more than underwear, he sports a light blue ringer t-shirt (ala Greg Brady), football jerseys, jeans sweatpatns and sneakers. He also wears a jumpsuit when he worked as a mechanic. Should the opportunity call for it, Josh Salazar is ready and willing to throw himself into a dashing blue tuxedo for formal affairs.

In his superhero identity, Josh Salazar is known as Ex-Cel Teen, later Ex-Cel Dude as he turned 21. He wears blue spandex and striped Speedos outside.. His chest-emblem is, much like the rest of the costume, heavily reminiscent of Superman's costume just with a color-swap. The costume originated at high school when the drama class decided to donate unused costumes for recycling. His friend, Brad, got him the outfit (minus the Speedos & boots, which Josh had himself) for a Halloween party (the chest emblem came later).

Personality Edit

Being one of the better fleshed out characters in the fandom, Josh Salazar still manages to be a terrible Mary Sue. However, he is described as being a cool, creative, athletic and musical person. He is also a rebel in a G-Rated world.

He was taught how to be tough by Raphael, but considering he lives in the "Suitable for all ages" world of the Dromian Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

While his personality is modelled after Raphael, he prefers to be friends with Mikey/Turtle Titan, citing a "fierce rivalry" with Raphael.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Josh is a skilled mechanic, but rarely does work in his profession, until after high school. He relies heavily on his skill as a musician and played guitar in a high school jazz band combo with the creative name "The Cool Band" that features his friends Brad (drums), Ralph (organ), Jack (bass), Austin (tenor sax) and Frankie (trumpet).  They're also part of the high school jazz band where Josh played percussion (vibes/tympani) and rarely guitar. All his band members were caucasian, except Austin, who's black.

He's able to play a variety of instruments. He's confirmed to be able to play the electric guitar, vibes and tympani. In addition to that, Josh is an accomplished singer and writes his own songs (in a fanfic, he gets that ability when wearing the costume after a late street musician gave powers to his outfit; Tales of The Turtle Titan fanfic).   Josh plays a brown sunburst hollow body electric guitar (Gibson ES-335 type) that his dad got @ a pawn shop.  He plays rock & jazz music and is able to play rhythm or lead solo. He also plays a full body Gibson 175 type electric guitar which he nicknmes his Kevin Jonas (since he saw him play that guitar).  On the vibes, he plays rhythm (chord progressions) as well as soloing.  On the tympani, he plays drumrolls & fanfares.

There's a kryptonite effect. If Josh/Ex-Cel sings with mike in hand, without playing guitar or vibes in public, he develops a migraine & falls down on the floor!

Josh Salazar drives a Kawasaki ninja motorcycle both in his civilian and superheroic identity. He got the motorcycle as a gift for graduating high school. His dad (Hector) let him keep the bike as long as he worked for him at Salazar Garage.  He later drove a convertible after marrying Mallory, but still drives the bike as Ex-Cel.  He also owns a jet motorcycle with a sidecar that he bought from Saturday Morning Used Vehicles, that was a 1981 model.

In addition to being a skilled boxer, he was taught how to be a superhero by Raphael. Contrary to the fact that Raphael is a ninja rather than a superhero and neither Josh nor Raphael having any superpowers, Raphael is apparently an expert at superheroics. However, he doesn't seem to do much superheroing either, seeing as he lives in a comfortable and nonviolent as well as safe world. Like Raph has Casey for a human friend, Mikey is Josh's friend, whose his permanent drummer.

Josh Salazar is also a swimmer, a bodybuilder and played in high school football (back-up quareteback; #12 jersey). His friend & drummer, Brad, also played on the team (#24; running back).

Musical Influences & bands Josh/Ex-Cel has played inEdit

Josh Salazar has many musical influences

Rock guitar; Jamie Walters, Bryan Adams, Nick Carter, Justin Timberlake & Tony Lucca.

Jazz guutar; Kenny Burrell, Norman Brown

Vibes; Stefon Harris and Damon Grant

None for tympani. Josh/Ex-Cel has played in many bands.  In all bands, he's lead vocals, guitar, vibes & tympani.  Here are his bands... High School Jazz Band

The Cool Band (Brad-drums, Austin-tenor sax, Ralph-organ, Frankie-trumpet, Jack-bass)

TMNT (Raph-guitar, Mikey-drums/tympani, Leo-vibes, Don-sousaphone/bass guitar)

Totally Musical Ninja Team (Ron-guitar, Mark-drums/tympani, Larry-vibes, Danny-bass guitar)

Ex-Cel Band (Turtle Titan; drums/tympani/vocals, Silver Sentry-bass guitar,Nobody-organ, Scott Charles-guitar/vocals, Mallory Banks-Tenor sax). On the 2nd CD, Casey Jones takes over the organ after Nobody quits & Leo joins in playing the vibes. On the 3rd CD, Silver Sentry, Leo & Mallory quit (Mallory due to her pregancy) Don replaces Sentry playing bass guitar & sousaphone. Ex-Cel also hired a horn section he saw on a reality talent contest. They are Hunks on Horns, consisting of Dexter Jackson ib trumpet, Johnny Douglas & Levar Smith on saxophones (Levar also doubles on the vibes).  On the 4th CD, Scott quit the band tp pursue a solo career & he hired Neil Durford, a fan he met @ New Jersey Mall, who has wavy curly hair.

Fictional Character Biography Edit

What follows is a brief recap of Josh Salazar's life, written by Guitar Raph:

Josh Salazar took up electric guitar when he was 13. He wanted a flying-v he saw at a pawn shop, but his dad (Hector) got him the brown sunburst hollow-body. When Josh entered high school, he joined the jazz band where he played percussion (congas, vibes & tympani). Later the band director lets him play the guitar as well.
Josh made friends with five band members, they formed their own combo called "The Cool Band". (with Brad on drums, Ralph on organ/keys, Jack on bass, Austin on sax, Frankie on trumpet & Josh on guitar; Brad & Josh also played football). When they got a Halloween gig, Josh created the Ex-Cel Teen costume with light blue spandex tights, silver cape, black boots & striped Speedos. At the Halloween gig, Frankie's mother was impressed that she wanted the band to do a save the planet commercial with Josh in the superhero outfit, singing & playing guitar.
At the high school senior show, Josh wore the costume, singing & playing all three instruments with the combo backing him up. After graduation, his friends left for college while Josh worked with his dad in the mechanic business @ Salazar Garage. He got his ninja motorcycle as a graduation gift.
But Josh wouldn't give up his music. So he used his superhero name to play. But afiter many failures, Ex-Cel was reduced to playing @ a subway station. When April interviewed him for a story on subway musicians, Mikey liked the idea of a superhero musician.
Ex-Cel Teen got to meet TMNT & they became friends. Raph trained him to be a superhero & to be tough. Raph & Ex-Cel developed a rivalry over who's the best guitarist & motorcycle racer. Ex-Cel likes to team up with Mikey (Turtle Titan).
Ex-Cel jams with TMNT, playing tympani with Mikey, vibes with Leo & guitar with Raph & still sings.
When he turned 21, he changed his superhero name to Ex-Cel Dude and now plays with Totally Musical Ninja Team (TMNT's human counterparts).
He also joined the Justice Force.
In a fanfic where Leo & Venus were married, at the reception, he meets a girl named Mallory Banks. After seeing him perform, she invites him to be a part of Camp Jazz (another fic) where they date. She also plays the tenor sax & is a part of Ex-Cel's new band that also features Turtle Titan, Nobody, Silver Sentry & Scott Charles (another outside character).

Ex-Cel Band's Tour Edit

This fanfic series has Ex-Cel, Turtle Titan, Silver Sentry, Nobody, Scott Charles & Mallory Banks (with their manager & owner of Tortuga Records; Danny Pennington; yes the same character from the TMNT movie) toruing all over the USA doing concerts. Along the way. they meet radio contest winners and other people. Unfortunately, Malcolm (Mallory's brother) comes along & tries to break up his sister & Josh. In Miami, Scott meets his dream girl named Heather. Heather didn't know who he was until the concert.

In LA, the band makes a special appearance on "I'm Stuck With The Kids", a fictional sitcom that starred Kyle Searles (real actor) with Jack & Bode Martin (Dylan & Cole Sprouse clones). The show's seen on QBC (Quality Broadcating Corporatin) & is produced by Dizzylodeon (Disney-Nick crossover). While doing that episode, Nobody had a stroke & is rushed into the hospital.

During their month hiatus, Ex-Cel (Josh) & Mallory go back to Albany (her home town) to attend her father's last performance as a symphony orchestra conductor on Father's Day. During the concert, Josh proposes to Mallory to marry her & she accepts. A year later, they got married.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite rumors that Josh Salazar was named after Josh Peck, who plays Josh Nichols on the Nickelodeon show "Drake & Josh," Guitar Raph claims that the character has been around for longer than the show. This put the character's creation date to somewhere before January 11th, 2004.
  • However, the idea's based on two people; a neighbor of his & a character named Joe Roman (Joey Lawrence), a former motorcycle racer who works as a mechanic at Roman Garage (hence Salazar Garage) on the NBC/WB series, Brotherly Love. Only difference, Joe's not a superhero/musician.
  • Josh Salazar attended Wayne Grayson High, which can be defined two ways.

1). The last name of the secret identiess of Batman & Robin.

2). The voice actor who does Mikey/Turtle Titan (2003-2009).

  • He frequently breaks the 4th wall.