KROW joined the Technodrome on 06-05-04, and quickly made a career out of constantly posting in every topic that popped up. His never-ending presence on the forum lead to him being disliked and sometimes attacked by some members. Despite this, KROW was always a nice guy and managed to carve out a name for himself as a regular poster.


A regular day for KROW on Technodrome GD

Who needs E-Harmony? Edit

It wasn't long before KROW's bold yellow lettering, insane amount of posts, and wisecraking in the forum games section caught the attention of Storm Wolf. After a few PM's to establish gender, age, ect. The two became fast friends and spent hours burning up pages on the FG section. In just a matter of months the realationship had bloomed into something more and in May of 2005 the two met face-to-face for the first time. KROW and Storm Wolf are now engaged to be married as of May 2009.

KROW by Ryona












The Art of KROW Edit

 After a few years of posting mountains of insightful and sometimes corny posts, KROW finally decided to reveal his art to Dromies everywhere in 2005. With scanner in hand he began to show off a bit of his talent by posting doodles old and new! He even found the time to doodle  Dromie mugs such as Spitfire, Jame-o, and Barkworm. After a few ego boosting responses he decide to take on writing and thought the Technodrome could handle KROW's Musings.Sadly after a few pages in a thread KROW forgot about his musings and art and has since remained silent in the Technodrome Fanworks community.