Not actually Leo. But he does look like this under the correct lighting.

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Leo656 is one of the most senior members of the Drome, having joined in March 2003. He is the last openly declared member of the nWo-Tech. He is known for his seemingly endless rants and has lately been outed as a vocal opponent of the Obama administration.

Join Date And Immediate Reactions Edit

Leo656 joined on 03-05-03, a refugee from the once-popular TMNT forum, referred by HorseTechie.  He was warmly greeted by other former UM posters such as Kali, Azure Turtle and ShellFox.  That was about the high point for his popularity; it was all downhill from there.

At first, many found his random off-topicness and general jackassery to be charming, but before long, his Hulk Hogan impressions, profanity-laced tirades and devotion (obsession?) with Kevin Nash made many posters a bit ill.  He also gained no love with his outspoken bias against the way the Mirage TMNT comic was being produced, particularly his dislike of Jim Lawson's artwork.

Worst of all to many was his tendency to post impossibly long (if thoroughly researched) rants on almost any subject, particularly if angered.  Indeed, it seemed as though brevity were beneath him; a simple two-word post could be met with a long, pro-wrestling-style tirade composed of thousands of words and barely-censored profanity if Leo656 deemed it necessary.

Furthermore, no single poster in history has held such open disdain for the rules, particularly those pertaining to A) Keeping threads on-topic, and B) Keeping personal feuds with other members off of the forums.  Leo656 found ways around these and other rules by sucking up to the Mods early on in his tenure, and therefore has never been warned for anything, ever, even when telling forum members to "go kill themselves"... much to the annoyance of many.

Two posters who took offense to Leo656 early on were the infamous PWDESAI and Tokka-B.  The wars between them became increasingly vicious and personal (not to mention hilarious) until the two were each eventually banned while Leo emerged unscathed and unblamed.  Sadly, many of the resulting threads were so offensive that they were locked and deleted, swept into the ashbin of history.

But from the ashes rose... nWo Tech...

nWo Tech Edit

nWo Tech was formed when Leo656 and Grunger Kittie formed a bond over their mutual love of He-Man, pro wrestling, and Kevin Nash.  They became fast friends (amid much mockery and questioning of their hetero-ness by some of the less-enlightened posters), and whenever one of them found himself being flamed, the other was quick to jump to his defense. Their "us-against-the-world" attitude mixed with their love of late-era WCW wrestling led them to unite officially as nWo Tech, complete with snazzy avatars and sig pics (some of GK's finest artistic triumphs) that were the annoyance of every non-wrestling fan on the forum.  Their obnoxiousness grew faster than their post counts, as they began popping into almost every thread and whoring for attention.  If a thread or conversation was deemed "unworthy", they would kill it with their off-topic and borderline offensive behavior.  This earned them either love or scorn from the rest of the forum, depending seemingly on the day.  Those who hated them called them spammers; those that loved them simply laughed at their shenanigans.

The infamous "Easter Flame Wars" were perhaps the highest point of nWo Tech's existence, as a drunken Leo and GK decided they were fed up with the growing number of imbeciles on the forum, and that they would "clean house" once and for all even if it led to they themselves being banned.  This led to a multitude of flame wars being carried out in several threads simultaneously and several posters being banned, all while GK sported a "Battle Royale"-inspired sig pic listing the names of the "casualties".  When the long weekend was over, Leo656 and GK were actually thanked by forum Mods and Admins for weeding out undesireables and unofficially "deputized" to continue their "good work" in the future.  Sadly, many of these threads and posts, too, were so completely offensive that they have been deleted, but those who were there and remember still laugh. 

Before long they were hounded with requests to join from other posters, and a number of anti-nWo Tech groups also sprang up.  Before long, the whole "group" concept faded out and most grew bored with it.

Only Leo656 still retains a reference to nWo Tech in his sig... because he can only dwell in the past.

Frequent Disappearances Edit

Leo656 hates the internet.  Over the years, he has frequently vanished with little or no explanation, with only infrequent random phone calls to GK as a lifeline to the forums.  Some of these abscences have lasted for several years, and have become as much (if not moreso) a part of his reputation as anything he has ever contributed to the forums.  A common theme is a long absence, followed by a loud, obnoxious "return" promising the return of nWo Tech in all its glory... followed by another mysterious disappearance.

Rumor has it that a severe addiction to internet pornography has led to several of his computers being crippled over the years, and that he is simply too cheap to repair or replace them.  Until he can get his own gear online once and for all, a resurgence of nWo Tech circa-2003 looks unlikely.

Trivia Edit

  • The 656 is an old house number of Leo's. He claims that he used to live ten numbers away from the number of the beast.