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LogicDonny joined on 11-19-06. He quickly became infamous by being extremely annoying, and was later revealed to be TurtleDude2K3, perhaps through a mistake of his own.

Join Date and Immediate Reaction Edit

When LogicDonny joined and started posting frequently, it was hard to ignore his posts. Not because of any insight he had to provide, but because of his unusual and error laden typing style. He took any word of advice given his way as an insult, and was quick to flame whoever he felt was bothering him.

Video Game Section Edit

Despite his constant butting heads with the VG Crew, he still posted more often in the video game section of the General Discussion forums. LogicDonny was a devout PSP and Sony defender and took any attacks them personally, even if they weren't directed at him. The VG crew never missed an opportunity to put him in his place for his blind fanboyism.

He eventually developed a man-crush on Peanut, a disturbing trend, and obsessed over him in threads Peanut had never even been in. This creepy obsession bled into PM's, and eventually off of the forums and into other venues, such as e-mail and Xbox Live.

Departure(s) and eventual banning Edit

LogicDonny soon got fed up with the constant attacks and arguing so he decided to leave the forums. Before leaving, he made a topic declaring his departure. He may not have gotten the reactions he wanted in that thread. Strangely, soon after, he made ANOTHER thread saying he was leaving, which went even worse due to his redundancy and obvious want of attention. After these two threads, he still didn't leave, to the dismay of everyone, including TheCure, who pointed out his hypocrisy. LogicDonny proceeded to send private messages to TheCure, who then got in an argument with him though PM. After a few messages, LogicDonny blatantly admitted this was his second account, which is against forum policy. TheCure forwarded these PM's to Krang, who after some investigation and IP address matching, discovered he was really TurtleDude2k3. He was banned thereafter.

Afterlife Edit

Even though he was banned, he is still seen browsing the forums from time to time, even though he is not allowed to post. He also seems to still hold a grudge against the VG Crew because he constantly sends the VG crew messages over X-Box Live.