The Technodrome Mod Squad is made up of several different groups of people with several different levels of authority. While it was constantly fluctuating at one point, it has settled in the last few years. Most of the original moderators have since become inactive on the forums, with Machias Banshee and Peanut being the only two members who still visit frequently.

The mods are broken into two groups, Section Mods, with the ability to mod specific sections, and Super Mods, with the ability to mod the entire forum.

Original Mods Edit

Current Mods Edit

Super Mods

Section Mods

  • Ratking - Buying/Selling/Trading
  • Ai - General Discussion
  • ThirdMarioBro - Everything Else, Video Games
  • Voltron - General Discussion

Inactive Mods Edit

Former Mods Edit