A theme song for The Technodrome forums Edit

A song written by Peanut, and Performed by R-iZZy set to the tune of "In da club" by 50 Cent. It is now Legendary in the forums.

Media Edit

On Da Drome can be downloaded here.

Lyrics Edit

Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go T-Drome
It's yo birfday
We gonna party like it's yo birfday
We gonna mod some trolls like it's yo birfday
But you know we don't give a **** it's not yo birfday

(Chrous) X2
You'll find me on the Drome, my home away from home
Our personal Turtle tome, through the mof**kin' GD we roam
We into makin' posts, we ain't into makin' love
Let's all give Krang a hug, pink brain be a thug

When I pull up Firefox, I got the Drome on top
I roll into the forums, 20 peeps pop-up
No one **** wit' Matt, heard that hick's always drunk
Voltron got all the groupies, they always on and wanna ****
Since 2001, ain't nothin' changed, more G's up
Loads of homies on the boards, postin' gone way up
But we still got the same old playa's and pimp's
Been hit wit a few trolls, but they're p*ssy-ass wimps
In the New Picture thread, peeps be sayin' "JD you hot!"
Then Barkworm posts, and they all go "Barky, you not!"
Anarky strolls in, the gangsta's holla "F**ka, you locco!"
Jester and KROW, had forum games in a choke hold
Doom got no focus, man. Got Hannah on his mind
Even though she's 13 he's still creepin' behind
Lain's a Jap lovin' perv, you know it be true
If you're an underage asian, he be comin' fo you!

(Chorus) X2

One show brought us all into the flow
Then Krang gave us these fancy things
User CP, Profiles, PM's
And thank God for Ignore Lists

Some peeps, we love em way more than we hate em
Spitefire and Dante? We think, "What if they mated?"
TMB and GWG, sittin' in the ND thread
Anyone who hates Nintendo be a ****** ass right?
GK got his name changed again, what da **** is he on?
Anybody disagree with Zarius, you know they be wrong!
Benvenuto lights it up old skool, till' the mother f**ka's burn
Brodie dissin' everyone, he ain't concerned
We gotta tell the trolls "Buddy, switch your style up"
Cause if they don't, they gonna watch the warnings pile up
Soon enough you'll be end up like Rez420
You know who he f**kin' be!

(Chrous) X2

Haha! Don't try to act like you don't love this place either, gangsta!
Drome 4 Life! MC Peanut...T-Unit! Yeah!