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Among the most infamous and (semi) despised groups on The Drome, The PA Tech has carved its name into the forums for all-time.

Creation Edit

On 03-25-2004, Ai posted a specific picture from Penny Arcade (the uber-popular webcomic) in a thread. What followed was a mass posting of Penny Arcade comics, and the complete derailing of the thread it was posted in. Not long after, Peanut (then known as Michaelangelo), split the PA content from the thread, and started a brand new thread dedicated to posting comics from Penny Arcade, using Ai's initial post.

Three days following the split of the thread, Peanut emerged with a brand new signature for the PA Tech. The PA Tech was a take on a then popular group on the forum, the nWo Tech. Created as a means of relaying his love for Penny Arcade, as well as a means of light-heartily jabbing at the nWo Tech, Peanut began to recruit his close friends into the fold, including Ai and Brodie, and the PA Tech was born.

Early Days Edit


The Original PA Tech Logo

When the PA Tech was formed, the forums seemed to be on a rise, every day there were more and more new members, and not all of them were of quality. Fake accounts and simple trolls were much more frequent, and Peanut, as a mod and member of the PA Tech, began to "wang" threads, and even teamed up with nwo Tech mod GK for a night of troll hunting on a few occasions.

During its infantile stages, the PA Tech was merely a group of friends who also happened to be Penny Arcade fans. As time wore on, the PA Tech took on a whole different meaning, as more and more people joined, and the group began to draw in many of the more well-known forum members. Suddenly, the PA Tech was helping to enforce the rules on trolls and spammers, outside of its members with moderator status. What was seen, to the PA Tech, as simply sticking up for their home, was seen to others as vigilante justice, and tensions began to rise.

Another highlight of the early days of the PA Tech comes in the form of inactive Dromer, Naruto. The largest man-child anyone had ever beheld, Naruto was infamous amongst the forums, and the PA Tech in general. He was instrumental in creating the first ever Drome chat, taking place over AIM, and causing more problems than he was ever worth. Among the better tricks the PA Tech tried to pull, they succeeded in making Naruto believe Brodie had killed himself over him, although this wasn't enough to make him leave. Many still believe him to be the sole reason of the Great Drome Crash of 2004, as his constant lies, fake accounts, and inability to chew with his mouth closed led to more fights than the forum had ever seen.

The Drome Crash Edit

With tensions flaring in multiple different directions, and blame being pointed in all the wrong places, the Drome went into a very rocky era. In June of 2004, due to in-fighting, miscommunication, and a real lack of funds, Krang decided enough was enough, and the Drome was brought crashing to its knees.

Many members of the forums felt the PA Tech were instrumental in causing this, although few really knew what had gone on behind the scenes. Ai, fresh off of becoming a mod, amongst much controversy, felt devastated, especially when members began using his meteoric rise to moderator status as a scapegoat for the loss of the forums. Feeling the lowest of the low, the PA Tech backed off a bit, after being called everything from "Internet terrorists" to " Forum Hoodlums", they didn't feel much like being involved in forum politics.


The picture that started it

The Backup Forums and The Reclusive StageEdit

The backup forums were not friendly to the PA Tech, but many stuck around anyways. There were fewer members willing to show their colors, and fewer still who stood up to the hate they were still receiving. At some point prior to the Drome being brought back online, things were entirely cleared up between the parties that mattered. Peanut and GK discussed the entire event, and decided that they'd both been led to believe entirely different things. With everything back on track, Krang brought the Drome back online.

For a long time, the PA Tech seemingly had only one member. While all still friends, the uniting bond that was the PA Tech was lost to the majority of its members. Most thought this was for the best, as the PA Tech had become very unpopular over a short period of time, and many were fine with leaving it buried. After a long time, however, some members began to feel extremely nostalgic for the fun everyone used to have, and a revival soon followed.

PA Tech: The New Class Edit

While the revival of the PA Tech never died, the actions taken to keep the forums fun began to die out again. This would soon change with the induction of two new faces into the gang. The Cure and Stryker both fit into the PA Tech perfectly, with a new regime of fantastic threads and unforgettable moments following their joining.

While things have quieted down for the PA Tech, now that everyone is dealing with real life issues, instead of the much more enjoyable ones online, there's still a passion felt by all of the members for the Technodrome, and they won't stay quiet forever.