Peanut is one of the longest standing members of the Technodrome. He originally joined under the name Michaelangelo on 11-30-2001. Despite the fact that other older members have left and become only memories Peanut has stuck around to become a "living legend" of sorts. While some of Peanut's posts have made him disliked by other members he has many allies and friends at the Technodrome. His passionate personality always leads him to create threads and posts to try and bring the Technodrome together and back to the good ol' days.

Whether loved or hated, it is undeniable that Peanut plays a large role in the Technodrome community.

Video Game Master Edit

A passionate gamer, Peanut can be found, majority of the time, in the forums video game section. He does, however, grace the rest of the forums quite occasionally with his postings and jovial banter.

Wanged? Edit

In June of 2007 Peanut decided that he had had enough of the Technodrome,
and for personal reasons that made him angrier beyond reason left the drome'. Leaving us with such accolades as:

"You're all idiots. In the past year, I've read and seen more idiotic things than I've ever read or seen in my entire life."

Many members took this time to thank themselves for his leaving, giving themselves credit...where credit was not due.

Many members begged for his return while others applauded his absence....Either way the Technodrome would never be the same....or would it?

Round 2 *ding ding* Edit

It wasn't long before Peanut made his triumphant return to the Technodrome in August of 2007. Clearly stating "I missed the place and I've dealt with my long standing problems in the last month, so I'm totally ready to move on from it."
With the promise of being his "old self," many members, even those who had a shaky history with him, (cautiously) welcomed his return.