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The VG Crew

Ra is one of the few openly female members of the Drome who actually are confirmed to be female. She stands out as not being a complete nutjob and not being in love and/or living together with a ninja turtle. She is notable for her inability to smile. Being primarily Marmite-powered, she has been known to attack people with bacon.

Personality Edit

Ra was always the quiet child of the Technodrome family. While Aunty Krang and Uncle Shredder tried to keep the crazy kids in line when the forum was collapsing on itself, they did not seem to notice the young girl slip into the forums on 09-11-04. She's currently known as "That Chick that Lives in Australia".

An avid lover of animation in any shape or form, and harbouring a curiousity for video games that she was forbid to play while chained up in her attic, Ra is currently labeled as the official/unoffical poster girl for the VG Crew. She's come a long way since being a meek little fan. Mainly people think the crew welcomed her in to make them look less gay. Some others think that they are planning to use her as a canister for Satan himself when they try and summon him at the end of the year. Either way, Ra seems to be happy where she is.

The Booty Sig Scandal Edit


Ra's Booty Sig

Ra started to gain notice with the regular posters of the GD section after the Booty Sig scandal. Mainly after she forgot to change the caption from her previous signature; Replacing the happy little dragon picture she once had with a high school teenager's ass.

Many a lulz were had by the members while the booty sigs were still going strong, and even when the meme was over Ra couldn't resist slapping it up for a week or two at random intivals. This makes her the last and most adamant advocate of the Booty Sigs, having earned her a nice place in Drome history.

During the Booty Sig scandal, she acquired the mystic power of being able to emotionally scar ten year-olds from Southern California for life. Whether or not this is something to be proud of lies in the eye of the beholder.

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Falling in with a crowd Edit

A special time for everyone, The Technodrome saw Ra mature from the young annoying child to the hot busty cousin that everyone had odd feelings for. Her sense of humour had matured dramatically, and now she was posting in the Video Games Section. The VG Crew took great pride in grooming her into one of their own, and gave her a standing ovation and a parade her when she let out an angry ball on hate on one idiot ranting on about things he didn't know about. This was her in her prime.

Here? There? Gone? Edit


Bacon Attack!

Alas, the child is now an uncommon sight on the boards. She posts every so often, but at a dramatic decrease as to what she had once been. Some think it's because she is now in a video gaming course. Which is true.

She is a frustrated young woman, who STILL does not have an X-Box 360, despite her saying for almost a year now that she would get one. So she makes do with her PS2, DS, and Team Fortress 2. She loves to get her hands on games, but this is a true rare treat for her. Whenever a new thread pops up in the Video Game, Forum Games, or Everything Else, you can ganrantee she would have seen it and probably posted in it.

She still hates Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly with an undying passion, by the way. Say it was a good game and she'll snap your neck.

Stalkers and other Admirers Edit

Ra is currently studying in a male dominated field. Even worse, it is a field dominated by people who know women only from rumours and live in their mother's basements. These peopel surface once or twice a week to maybe shower and go to university to study game design, which is where they meet the only female they'll ever encounter who don't spray stuff into their eyes that burns. Ra, being powered by estrogen and Marmite, and having all the typical characteristics of a woman, quickly drew attention to herself. Thus, a stalker was had. In a posting, dated March 15, 2009, Ra opens up about her fanatical admirer:

Five minutes of talking later and it was clear that he was thinking I was more than just a stranger to him. He was trying to get close to me and keep on talking about whatever floated into his mind, clearly grasping to make this the longest conversation he ever had with anyone. Heck, he kept on droning on when class started. Managed to give him later by darting into the women's restroom, having a gut feeling that this wouldn't be the last time I saw this guy. He then started popping up EVERYWHERE. When I was eating, when I was going to the train, when I was trying to grab tickets for a movie, leaning over my shoulder eating while I was trying to play multiplayer on my DS... You know. The usual things stalkers do when they don't know where you live. Then the guy started touching my goddamn hair as if I was his girlfriend or something. That was definitely the final straw. I told him bluntly that I was uncomfortable and to back off. He backed off... for, what, just the rest of the day?

This was quickly followed by a story of one such encounter, where her stalker, obviously having played the popular video game Portal and taken relationship advice from places like 4Chan, tries to make a move. While everyone recognized the seriousness of the matter, this story has gone down in Drome history as being the both painfully funny and absolutely frightening.

It was just one week or so ago. Me and some of my friends were sitting around chatting as per usual. Things were going fine, until guess who runs up? Yeah. Mister Stalker was carrying a white box at the time, and he looked like he was high on... something. Eyes wide and bloodshot, he threw the box down at the table we were sitting at with surprising force.
"HERE." He screams at the top of his lungs. "EAT IT."
He then laughs like a maniac before running off in the direction that he came from.
Now, it is not every day that anyone dumps a box in front of us, screams at us, and then runs away. So it was natural that the small group of us were staring at the thing in silence. The boys were stiff and unmoving, all eyes on me. Fingers twitching, I slowly remove the cake lid and revel the contents: a very mutilated looking chocolate cake. I have no idea if it was eaten, if it's virginity was taken by my stalker, or if he stuffed it full of drugs, but my god, that cake looked like a warning to me. "Please..." I find myself whispering. "Please, no one here be stupid enough to eat that cake." The lot of us murmur in agreement and throw the cake out.
Later when I'm gone to the bathroom, it turns out my stalker showed up again, filled with rage and screaming at my friends. Turns out he was watching from afar, waiting to
watch us eat the cake he dumped. Apparently he was full on screaming at the guys before walking away. I have no idea what was in that cake, but I'm seriously glad no one ate it.

Ra is also one of the few reported survivors of the wild Gobo.