Raph's Girl
Raph's Girl, date unknown. Fancy hat, though.

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13 March 2005

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Official Drome Reporter

Raph's Girl is a membeer of the Technodrome Community. With knowledge of seemingly everything, she may literally be a nefarious trivia computer. She joined the community on 13 March 2005.

Join Date and Immediate Reaction Edit

Raph's Girl made a rather quiet entrance on the Drome scene, but it wasn't quiet for long. Before you knew it, the Drome was the home for news on everything from the latest discovery of a new use for whale semen, to the latest celebrity naming their baby after a fruit. Raph's Girl was the one to bring us these important news stories. While many at first found this annoying, she eventually began to post rather relevant information, usually in the TV & Movies section, where her commitment to news posting has served Drome patrons well.

The Current Events Section Edit

Raph's Girl has a seemingly permanent home in the Current Events section of the GD. If a celebrity dies, or a new breed of dog is made fluorescent, you can be sure you'll hear about it. Most people consider it to be "her" section and it wouldn't be an incorrect assessment, as her devotion to posting news has kept the Current Events section alive and well since its inception. Although constantly ridiculed in this section for her decisions to post "unimportant" news stories, Raph's Girl is never baited into a flame war, making her one of the most patient members in Drome history.

How Do You Know That? Edit

If you were to simply define Raph's Girl to someone who doesn't know her, you might just say she'd be a dab hand a Trivial Pursuit. Besides knowing an awful lot about dinosaurs, weird animals, celebrity shoe sizes and Garfield canon, she seems to know every small detail about anything you could possibly bring up in the TV & Movies section. It's hard to speak for everyone, but it's fair to say that Raph's Girl has dropped some knowledge, about something, on everyone at least once.

Genealogy Edit

Raph's Girl is interested in genealogy. She maintains a very detailed family tree online, which gives her last name as Jackman. The further back you go in the family tree, the more absurd it gets. She claims to be related to at least seven popes, being a direct descendant of at least one and to just about every celebrity you can think of. She also is related to a couple of Gods, such as Thor (yes, THE Thor) and thus Odin as well. However, rumour has it that her real life family is way less spectacular and her gene-pool being of a rather murky nature. Nobody says anything about it for a) she is a nice person and b) would you want to make a direct descendant of the God of Thunder angry?

However, holding against all the criticism anyone might have, she stands by these more-or-less ridiculous claims. Whatever the truth may be, Raph's Girl is generally well-liked.