Rob Van Dam
He's one of a kind


Forum meme, championship fighter.

Rob Van Dam is a professional wrestler who was trained by The Sheik. He is notorious for being single most influential wrestler in Technodrome history.

The Official Rob Van Dam Edit

Robert "Rob" Alexander Szatkowski (born December 18, 1970) is an American professional wrestler and actor, better known by his ring name Rob Van Dam (frequently shortened to RVD). He is best known for his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Since leaving the company, Van Dam has produced RVDTV, a reality based webshow looking at his life and has won the WSW championship.

The Dromian Rob Van Dam Edit

Depsite never having been a member of the Drome, Rob Van Dam is fondly remembered on the Technodrome as being the strongest Ninja Turtle or the best Spider-Man ever. He rose to Dromian fame when Grunger Kittie used his image as the final and absolute answer against the Versus-Threads. These threads were usually titled "TMNT vs. [Character(s)]." Being simple in conception, the threads quickly spread wild, pitting the TMNT against various opponents such as Spider-Man, the Punisher and presumably the Teletubbies. These threads invariably led to arguments and ended usually with bad blood.

The mods then decided to end these threads once and for all.

For the time being, no more "VS" threads are to be allowed.
They end in arguments and hurt feelings, and that's not very fair to any of the members of the forum. Thanks for your understanding. -Alison Chains and the Technodrome Moderation team.

And because Grunger Kittie knew who the strongest one there is really is, he decided that he will show this to everyone and started ending threads with an image of Rob Van Dam simply stating "Rob van Dam" and locking the thread.