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Scandia is a female at the Technodrome forums. She joined the Technodrome family 13 May 2007 and has steadily built a reputation as a cheery Leonardo fan.


Though physical appearance means next to nothing regarding Internet contact, Scandia is fortunately blessed with a youthful appearance. Despite her age, she seems to bear a striking resemblance to a teenage female. Her pleasant demeanor is often indicated by polite and respectful posts, though it is unknown if the reason is due to her general kind heart or simply a defense mechanism to avoid any unpleasant confrontation. Dromers who are familiar with Scandia tend to lean towards to the former as her several pets could attest to… should they ever be exposed to mutagen and gain the ability to speak.

This is not to say, however, that Scandia shies away from confrontation if she feels strongly about a particular subject. Once such occasion occurred 5-16-2007. Only a few short days after joining, Scandia showed no signs of backing away from her beliefs proudly stating her opinion on co-habitation. Though this particular post was met with relatively negative reactions, she did not defer and courteously explained how she felt… doing so with no hostility, as is her usual MO.
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Scandia displays her prowess in this opinionated post.

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Scandia seems to adhere strictly to an unwritten code of conduct regarding her posts: “If you have nothing to say, don’t say anything.” It is rare to stumble across any spam posts from her as she seems generally unconcerned with the mystical post count. Whether she displayed 2 or 2,000 posts, it has never seemed to have any effect on the content in her messages.

At the height of her activity, Scandia often started threads requiring almost too much thought and usually provoking readers to ponder the “what ifs” and “which turtles is most…” questions. Her devotion to the turtles’ personalities may seem like she spends too much time thinking about their subtle differences but if there is any place in the world where such insight is appreciated, it is at the technodrome forums. Scandia is well versed in many of the various tmnt continuities though most of her attention has been geared toward the 2003 4kids series.
Scandia avatar

Scandia's avatar has not been changed for several years, thus making her posts easily recognizable for those familiar with her.


Scandia won a Dromie Award in 2008 for “Best Couple.”

Had 4 mice and 2 goldfish. It is unknown if these pets still live.

Has visited all 48 continental states.

Favorite cereal is Honey Bunches of Oates

Has many “violent” allergies