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Stryker joined the forums early in 2003. Throughout his stay, he has gone through numerous transformations and can be considered a tragic or hilarious story depending on who you ask.

Join Date and Immediate ReactionEdit

Stryker joined the Technodrome with the smallest of impacts you can imagine. Lost in the flood of new members that cropped up around the same time in 2003, Stryker found himself without a place and without an identity. He remained floating in a void, doing nothing of note until March of 2004 when he disappeared for a year.

2005 ResurrectionEdit

After a year long absence, Stryker returned to the drome. Due to his desperate need for people to like him, he formed a friendship of sorts with the likes of Benvenuto, Jester, Machias Banshee and Ryona. Stryker continued his off-beat antics which annoyed a few other members. This continued until late 2007 when Stryker's personality began to change drastically after a series of in-fighting and arguments.


The ChangeEdit

Stryker began to show a serious mean streak in 2008, Becoming vicious in some of his posts and casting away the members that he called friend the year before. This change made Stryker an outcast. Without any friends to speak of, he continued on, leaving almost every piece of his old self behind.

PA TechEdit

In October of 2008, Stryker found himself in the middle of a very heated presidental election thread. In this thread, Stryker insulted various right wing members of the Drome. This caught the attention of TheCure, who immediately contacted Stryker and the two formed a quick friendship. Through his friendship with TheCure, Stryker was introduced to Peanut and Brodie. Stryker was unofficially officially inducted into the PA Tech a few weeks later and has become one of it's flag bearers. During his time with the PA Tech, Stryker began to come out of the rough jagged shell he had formed around himself. 


Stryker's strange new obsession

Embracing Weird Edit

Stryker again began to change in early 2009, This time displaying his fandom for rap artist Kanye West and tween pop idol Miley Cyrus. This new interest has garnered reactions ranging from annoyance to outright anger from various members. He has also formed a quasi symbiotic relationship with PA tech cohort Brodie that is almost entirely based off of late night conversations that make little to no sense. In late 2009, Stryker began to sell t-shirts via Cafepress.

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What everyone should wear.

  • Currently signed to a developmental contract in Florida Championship Wrestling
  • Follower of the cult of Straight Edge
  • Has watched every High School Musical movie twice and enjoyed it.
  • Hates celery sticks and their smell
  • Is good friends with Carl Weathers
  • Likes the way Thor sounds when he talks.
  • Is Black