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That Matt Guy, as usual concealing his true form.

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That Matt Guy, also known as Matthew138, is Hitlers. Not just one Hitler, he's more than one. Having spent money on the forums - something previously unheard of - and on a lot of World War II memorabilia, Matt has become one of the most bizarre and prolific members of the Technodrome. He joined the site on January 4th, 2003.

Xenia Seeberg and Hitler Chickenhead Edit

Despite owning a lot of World War II memorabilia, including a genuine japanese katana, Matthew138's fist claim to fame was his signature. It portrayed a colourful mix of everything that might have been going on in the Texan's mind at that point. It included, among other things a picture of Xenia Seeberg of TV's "Lexx - The Dark Zone" fame and Hitlers head attached to a chicken's body. While it didn't create any controversy, it is easily one of the most memorizable signatures in the history of the Technodrome.

Matthew made a hobby of posting various nonsense while heavily intoxicated and quickly became famous as the drunkard of the Drome. He and Anarky held duels who could get more drunk and fun was had at the two's expense although bewilderment at the antics were wide-spread.

The Replacement Forums Edit


That Matt Guy when he was a moderator.

Matthew was one of the first moderators appointed to the temporary Replacement Forums. The reasons for this were largely unknown and have been forgotten by those who made it. The official reasion, however remains: "Oh, come on, he's a good guy..."

Username Changes Edit

Renown for his poor self-image and desire to appear dangerous despite being a 98-pound, 6'2" bean stalk, Matt has chosen several user names for himself over the years.  Amongst the more notable changes is the moniker Ed Gein, which did little to bolster the idea that Matt was in any way threatening. 

Suspected Alcoholism Edit

Matthew, perhaps envious of Greek life, often posts boasting about his love of and ability to consume alcohol.  Though this is met with good humor by most of the Drome regulars, few people actually find it impressive that Matthew will most likely move into a trailer, beat his wife, wear the same sweat pants every day, give his daughters two first names, marry them, and generally follow the example of everyone else living in Texas

Casey Jones' Mask Edit

Matt is one of the few people on this planet to own a genuine Casey Jones mask as seen in the first movie. Many a fan lusted after it, but Matt being one of the richest guys on the Drome - which means he has money to buy something other than Ramen to eat - outbid them all and is now the proud owner of an authentic Casey Jones mask. This made him the bee's knees for a while until the people eventually forgot that the first movie existed.

Paying for the Forums Edit

When Krang wanted to update the old forums from a software unknown to VBulletin, he was asking for donations. However, asking a couple of students and brokes to spend money on something seemed like a futile idea. Cue Matt entering the scene, having saved up some money from slaving at a Kroger's. He basically paid for the forums you know and love today. So all hail the Matthew.

Matt, consistently roasting in the juices of his own pride, will not let this fact go.  The whopping $20 donated by Matt has kept the forums running for the better part of the past decade, and has allowed Krang to relent his constant vigilance of the forums. 

Trivia Edit

  • The 138 in his nickname origins in the Misfits song "We are 138." The song's lyrics are just short of pure gibberish, so nobody really knows what "We are 138" really means. Band frontman Glenn Danzig is supposedly the only human being alive to know what the lyrics mean, but doesn't confirm or deny any theory. However, he has been cited to have mentioned that "the song is about violence."
  • Matt and Leo656 share a common interest in hookers; specifically, their interest lies in soliciting them, killing them, and burying them in shallow graves under cover of darkness. At last tally, Matt was far ahead of Leo in their little game of oneupsmanship, as Matt is well-known to have left bodies strewn across several states (and all of Texas), and everyone knows that Leo656 has no powers outside of New Jersey, where the hookers are hardly worth it.