The Sonic Fan Art Guild
Sfag mino
A portrait of several significant SFAG contributors, drawn by the lovely Mino. Everyone is naked, except for Hannah.




Ai Takahashi
Dr. Doom
Mecha Cow

The Sonic Fan Art Guild (better known as SFAG) was an association of extremely talented individuals with a mutual interest in creating Sonic fan art. Many astoundingly beautiful works of art were created by the SFAG, and several now reside in museums all over the world.

Origins Edit

Betraying his PA Tech roots, Ai drew an amazing picture of Sonic one night in the chatroom. It had lines on it that meant Sonic was going fast. Really fast. The picture being one of amazing artistic beauty found a lot of praise. Many chatters decided to tag along and drew their renditions of Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and all the other little furry people from the games. They quickly formed their own guild, and it was known as the Sonic Fanart Guild

Name Confusion Edit

The official abbreviation of the name "Sonic Fanart Guild" is SFAG, pronounced "Ass-Fag." The pronounciation of the name and its meaning have lead to quite some confusion over the course of the SFAG's short but glorious run.

The Thread Edit

The Thread was where all the members of the SFAG decided to share their amazing talent with the world. As with any art of brilliance, they were more or less thought to be a joke and nobody saw behind their ingenuity and their revolutionizing of art. This culminated in Anarchistguy posting a picture of Sonic without any impressionistic connotations to it, an insult to any SFAG present. As retaliation, it was decided that the SFAG would invade Poland.

The SFAG disbanded shortly after they appeared because of creative differences and Hannah suddenly turning into a japanese woman talking about a revolution with the number nine.

The Legacy Edit

While the SFAG doesn't have a legacy to speak of, the members remember it fondly as a failed attempt at revolutionizing art by mixing pop culture and fan art with impressionism and abstract features. Their works are nowadays worth millions and hang in every bigger museum.

The members of the SFAG have all gone back to being regular posters, having spent their money on drugs and murder contracts as well as new piercings.