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ThirdMarioBro is another of many well-known members who joined in the member rush of 2003. Known for his alarmist tendencies and ridiculously deep knowledge of Nintendo products, he's one of the most well-known faces on the Drome.

Join Date and Immediate Reaction Edit

Despite joining during one of the biggest years in Drome history, TMB was able to stand out from the crowd. With his quirky personality, over-the-top statements, and vast knowledge of 8 and 16-bit video games, he became a quick "name" poster on the forums. Most members seemed to genuinely like him, and he continued to make a good impression with his commitment to actual discussion, even if that discussion involved Panel de Pon.

Video Games and Nintendo Edit

TMB has always been known for his large knowledge of video games. In particular, his encyclopedic knowledge of Nintendo, and 8 and 16-bit games is sometimes startling. If there's any member responsible for the ever growing community of gamers having a place to call their own on the Drome, it's TMB. As creator of the Nintendo Discussion Thread, the longest standing and most replied to thread in Drome history, TMB has had nothing but success in creating a community within a community...within another community on the forums.

After years of toiling, TMB finally found success in the industry as an Editorial Columnist and Editor at Advanced Media Network. From this position, he has been able to feed tidbits to his fellow VG Crew members involving all manners of news, including giving hands-on reports of playable titles at E3, among others.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Edit

Despite his general good nature, and saintly ability to forgive and forget, TMB is no stranger to overreactions. As the years moved on and gaming moved away from the things he held dear, TMB became more and more jaded about the gaming industry, a trait shared amongst his VG Crew brethren, even if not to the same extent. With a deep-rooted hate for next-generation hardware and software, he began to cry foul more often than not, leaving friends to wonder what exactly went wrong.

Aside from game-related anger, TMB seemed to be becoming further and further disenfranchised by the world itself. If he wasn't angry about the latest shitty game port, he was angry about the state of the US government, day-time game shows, or the latest blasphemous 80's revival. The fun-loving scamp so many had enjoyed speaking with seemed pretty unhappy.

This almost caused his death.

The Deep End - He Found It Edit

After what seemed like an eternity of misery, TMB finally went over the deep end. He was suddenly hateful towards everything. Anything that happened was awful news to him, and who could blame him? He hadn't exactly had things easy. Despite the worry of friends, friends he seemingly no-longer knew existed, TMB continued along his path. While things have settled down slightly for TMB, he's still far from the happy-go-lucky gamer he used to be. Perhaps age and the state of the world has twisted his once innocent heart, but his friends hope that, one day, he'll return to his true form.