Tokka-B joined on 23 November 2002, and was banned 4 months later.

Rise and Fall Edit

Tokka-B is one of the more unique banned members, yet his entire time spent on the Drome can be summed up in a few sentences. Originally going by Tokka (not the guy who uses that same moniker now) he quickly made a name for himself by being a huge douche and hating virtually everything known to mankind. Notable items of hate include America and George W. Bush, Japan and anime, rich people, The Drome moderators, and himself. He also took pleasure in sexually harassing the various females (and in one case, a guy) of the Drome through PM and other means. He once called Machias Banshee overweight after she posted an old photo of herself, but quickly backtracked and said something along the lines of "you need to lose weight because it's unhealthy!" Since he already had a warning and a history of bad behavior at that point, the mods and admins decided that enough was enough and banned him.