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Voltron is by far one of the more interesting characters the forum has ever produced, and has garnered a reputation as simply being "better than you" yet despite this, the rise to glory for Voltron did not come quickly.

Creation Edit

Voltron was built by a mad god wishing to bring blight to humanity.  Succeeding beyond its wildest dreams, the god was soon consumed and its position usurped by Voltron, who still remains in active duty in place of his technical father.  From his Throne of Hate, he hurls bolts of sorrow at the world, spreading war and disease. 

Legends, myth and folklore tend to be spawned in cultures world wide.  In the southern reaches of India, rumor is that Voltron's children are the flies, and their buzzing is a warning that their unholy father is near.  Other legends include a parable popular amongst aborigine tribes of Australia weaves a yarn about a dying warrior's final battle with Voltron in order to escape into paradise.  Still another potent cultural image belongs to the ancient Greeks, who believed that Voltron was the Chaos from which Cosmos sprung and to which all things must return.


Immediate ReactionEdit

Voltron joined the Drome on 02-17-03, and almost immediately was met with hostility with nearly every post he made. Originally posting artwork in the fan works section and the other TMNT related sub forums, Voltron eventually made his way to the General Discussion forum where he would post bizarre threads which would almost inevitably be pushed off the first page with 0 replies. Because of this, a thread was made (only 5 days after Voltron registered) proposing that "we get rid of" him and forgettable troll Wyrm. Krang quickly killed it, and Voltron continued posting his whimsies. These mostly included pictures of himself dressed as the Penguin, flying through space, or wearing the cheapest Halloween costume ever worn by anyone.

Rise to ModeratorshipEdit

It is not known when or how Voltron became more accepted by everyone, but it is safe to say that it can probably be attributed to some type of curse or voo doo spell. Being a regular, Voltron has been involved with virtually all of the major drama bombs that have hit the Drome, such as the Reznorite420 debacle, the AIM chats, the rise and fall of Naruto, and the John Cleese attack on Jarrah White. He can also be blamed for unleashing Ai on the forum, who he is buddy-buddy with in the real world.

After the General Discussion forum was turned into a smoldering pile of rubble thanks to a massive forum war, Voltron along with several other members fled to Anarky's GD forum. Here is where Voltron had his finest hour. Along with fellow crony Matthew138, Voltron was somehow promoted to moderator which was the equivalent of a kid finding his dad's gun. Many notable occurrences happened during this time, such as Voltron being a regular contributor to forum games, the Matthew138/Voltron sig war, the revelation that he hunts ghosts in his spare time and plays the bagpipes. He also maintains a belief that Canada is communist, and would occasionally boast about how he thinks being of Irish stock is something to be proud of.

The Dromies and Other RecognitionEdit

Voltron is the only member to win the Dromie for Most Humorous Member three years in a row. This is due to numerous fans voting for the funnyman in the annual elections. Of these proponents, his friend, stalker, and rival That Matt Guy, the zealot Cure, and ambiguously gendered Ai are all forerunners.

Of these jokes, Voltron is most noted for the infamous "Better than you" thread, in which he goes into a tyraid concerning his own over-estimation and peppers in demands for others to bear witness to his pompous apotheosis. This was met by most with chagrin or fraudulent enthusiasm, much like That Matt Guy's drunken, nonsensical yarns.


Voltron's Final Form.

Sporadic AppearancesEdit

Voltron appearances became less frequent after 2005/2006. This can probably be attributed to him either being scared by Matthew138's stalking or possibly because he is too busy sneaking around the local cemetery at night and getting scared of shadows, or that he is just too much of a mook to post more often.

Useless Voltron related Trivia Edit

  • Voltron is the only person ever in the rich history of the Technodrome to receive a warning, and yet somehow still become a moderator. This small fact is only known by a handful of people, or, just Voltron and his biographer That Matt Guy.
  • Voltron is deaf in one ear. Ai once claimed that he had to get two inches away from Voltron's face and scream at the top of his lungs into said ear just so Voltron would be able to hear him.
  • He was forced to watch The Exorcist as child, and was told by his mother that the film was a true story. She probably shattered his fragile psyche this way just for kicks.