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Warhorse joined on 10-04-06. To say she posts unnoticed would be a lie.

Join date and immediate reaction Edit

To say she made an impact as soon as she joined would also be a lie. She was just another poster among many. To try to keep a discussion going, she would often ask questions and people's opinions, although they were often off topic and went ignored. Over time, however, the regulars came to know the name Warhorse, and would never forget it.

By the way, I'm a girl Edit

Due to her rather masculine username, everyone thought she was a male at first. She then decided to announce to everyone in her signature that she was a female, along with the fact that boys would live in a boring world without girls. And a winky face.

Posting style Edit

Warhorse is not the most worldly or knowledgable member of The Drome. She does, however, excel at attracting attention to herself with her opinions and views and is no stranger to flames. She will say a certain movie is great simply because the star is good looking. She has admitted to skimming through a majority of a person's post just to shave a few seconds off her reading time, despite missing the person's point entirely and thus creating animosity with the person she's quoting.