Whitewolf89 is a middle-aged woman who has joined the Technodrome on February 20th, 2004. She is most notable for her fursona named Whitewolf and her distinctive posting style. Quick to jump on any drama bandwagon there might be, Whitewolf89 has become one of the most notorious members of the Drome.

Age Mystery Edit

Despite her username ending in the numbers 89, that is not the year she was born. Her profile lists her birthday as February 9, 1957, making her 52 years old as of 2009. This does not only make her older than many a member's mother, but also makes her probably the oldest person on the Drome. Other contenders for that title are Nightwatchersonlygirl and Buslady.

Posting Style Edit

Whitewolf89 has the habit of emphasizing words to the point of "virtualscreaming" them. This means, random words are in all caps. But not enough, Whitewolf89 deems it imperative that there are random bolds and italics thrown in. Trying to read one of her posts out loud, complete with emphasizing the emphasized words is not possible with a human voicebox.

A typical Whitewolf89-posting reads as follows:

Ooooo, now THAT was a really scary part! My youngest niece yawned through the whole thing, and was like "THIS is supposed to be "unsuitable" for kids MY age?! (I think that she was about 8 or 9 at the time). PUH-lease!"
Needless to say, SHE was LESS than impressed with the ep, and even LESS that FOX (at the time) DIDN'T have the guts TO air it on TV. What surprised ME at the same time was that FOX had a Board of "Broadcast Standards and Practices". Given some of the absolute CRAP that they run (then and now), you could've fooled me on THAT one!

Note the emphasis on the most unemphasizable words such as "to." She also is very passionate, set off by just about everything and undoubtedly this article as well, and some would argue she is way too invested into a children's franchise. This deters her little and she keeps on being one of the most active collectors of TMNT-memorabilia on the Drome.

Original Character, plz don steal! Edit

Whitewolf89 is apparently constantly in character, however the lines between character and real person have blurred into an indeterminable mass of garbled Roleplaying-physics. The fact is, awareness of her character Whitewolf has spread way out of the infamous RPG-section and has been lurking the Drome ever since.

Whitewolf is a martian ninja biker mouse currently living in the same housing as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in New York City, Earth.

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